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With nearly a decade of experience publishing English language travel books, guides, maps and other media written exclusively by foreigners living in Slovenia, THE Slovenia International Publishing House is the #1 source of professionally-written travel and tourism information in this small green country on the sunny side of the Alps. The long-time producer of Slovenia's In Your Pocket branded guides, in recent years THE Slovenia team has expanded its scope and now uses its local know-how to offer a wide-selection of books, maps, gifts, trips and more, both online and at its office on Slovenska Cesta in the heart of Ljubljana.

The Slovenia Book


From the same team that's been publishing Slovenia’s acclaimed In Your Pocket branded city and regional guides since 2008, The Slovenia Book is the work of a group of experienced foreign journalists who reside in the country and are passionate about sharing their collected knowledge of this amazing country with the widest possible audience. We've combined all of the hands-on research of our guides with the high quality photos found in your typical coffee table book, to produce what we hope is a great companion on any trip to Slovenia, or a perfect souvenir to take home with you. More info.....


The Ljubljana Guide Book

This 112-page guide is ad-free and packed with enough info for weeks of exploring our fair city.

The tongue twisting capital of Slovenia is the figurative and (almost) literal centre of the country, with nearly three times more inhabitants than any other Slovene city and an even larger share of its commercial, administrative, cultural and educational activity. In 2014, Ljubljana notably celebrated the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the Roman settlement of Emona, whose ruins lie underneath the present-day city. However, according to local legend the origins of Ljubljana go back even further, namely, to the turn of the first millennium BC, when Jason and Argonauts stopped for a time. Regardless of the legend’s historical accuracy, it continues to live on through the dragons adorning its bridges, flags and more. More info....

The Green Capital Map

Your guide to the best of Europe's Green Capital
All of the city's Highlights and 2 detailed maps so you can easily find them

Ljubljana is the European Green Capital for 2016, and we can assure you that the honour is indeed well-deserved and the result of the many ambitious and forward-thinking steps taken by the municipality over the past decade to not only become more environmentally-friendly, sustainable and socially-conscious, but also to more generally improve the lives of inhabitants, and by extension the experience of foreign visitors, which is why the slogan of the Green Capital is 'Ljubljana. For. You.' More info....

The Shopping Map

An insider's guide to shopping in Ljubljana
from the cobbled streets of the Old Town to the modern malls of BTC City

Continuing the nearly 5-year-long tradition of our bi-annual Slovenia Shopping guides, The Shopping Map is a compact, convenient and useful companion on any serious shopping trip to Ljubljana – for first-time visitors, frequent guests or even resident locals. Although many venues are located elsewhere, for simplicity’s sake we’ve divided the capital’s shopping areas into two main districts: the old town city centre and BTC City, which is how this map is presented. More info.... 

The Slovenia Summer Map

Your map to making the most of summer in Slovenia
top destinations From the mediterranean coast to the highest alpine peaks

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you. Slovenia’s location at one of the Europe’s true geographical, cultural and historical crossroads has blessed the country with a wealth of sights and attractions - all of which are easily accessible from the vibrant capital Ljubljana. Summer sees tourism reach its height on the continent and our adorable country is no different in this regard. You’ve made a wise decision picking up this map, as we’ve got the entire country covered, from fairytale Bled in the north to second city Maribor in the east to picturesque Piran and the rest of country’s Mediterranean coast in the west, not to forget everything from the Soča Valley to Prekmurje. More info....

The Slovenia Winter Map

A concise and indespensible guide to your winter holiday
Slovenia's top winter destinations, events, ski resorts and thermal spas

While summer is understandably peak tourist season in Slovenia, the winter is when the country truly comes alive for locals, making it perhaps the best time of the year for visitors to experience it in all its glory. From late November till the early days of January, Christmas markets pop up in seemingly every old town square in the country, with none larger or more festive than the celebrations in the capital Ljubljana. Of course for many people the winter is synonymous with hitting the slopes, and there are very few countries in the world (if any) where skiing is a more popular pastime than in Slovenia. More info....