Best Ljubljana Nightlife 2016

In cooperation with In Your Pocket, it's time once again for us to take the pulse of Ljubljana's partygoers, students, beer-drinkers, clubbers, connoisseurs, cigar aficionados and overall sophisticates and conduct our 6th annual Best Nightlife poll! After receiving more than 20,000 votes last year, we've decided to introduce some new categories to the competition and discontinue some others, bringing the total to eight, which includes ones for Nighttime Entertainment, Culture, Live Music (ie venues that regularly host bands and or singers), a bit more upscale Lounge Bars and another dedicated solely to the venues in Metelkova, ground zero for Ljubljana's famous alternative scene

As always, the Ljubljana In Your Pocket editorial team has narrowed down each category to a shortlist of contenders, and will let our readers decide who is the best of the best in open voting between 15 December and 15 January 2016. This year votes can be cast once per day, and if you're not happy with our shortlist of nominees you can now enter your own write-in candidates on the ballot. Best of luck to all of the venues, and thanks in advance to everyone who votes.*

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*Please don't cheat in our poll. By cheating we mean using technological means to vote multiple times in the same poll. Individual computers, phones and other devices are allowed to vote once per week for the duration of the competition. Unfortunately, as Angela Merkel can tell you, nothing on the internet is 100% secure. Nevertheless, we take every reasonable precaution to prevent cheating in our polls, and we also reserve the right to not count votes that were obviously cast through illegitimate means, and/or take other necessary action in such circumstances. If you decide to cheat anyway, please don't get angry and threaten us with legal action when/if we catch you. We are only trying to keep the polls as fair as possible, and we can assure you that we NEVER favour one venue over another. We honestly don't care who wins any given poll, as long as the votes of our readers are counted fairly and equally. If you'd like further explanation of our rules or have any questions regarding our poll, please feel free to email us at